Yente Over the Rainbow (YOTR) is a matchmaking service for LGBTQIA+ Jewish people, helping you find other folks in our communities and connect online. While we aim to make the site an ongoing matchmaking service (with both an algorithm option and matchmaker option), for the time being, YOTR will only be open for a few months at a time, so that we can continue to work out the bugs, listen to your feedback, and develop the best app and site possible!

Over the next year, while we determine what our communities want, we will add more and more features. Each period of time that we try out a new feature with be referred to as “a cycle."

Our first cycle is now complete! Thank you for joining our community. Your feedback on the beta version of the site has been invaluable and there have already been some exciting matches in our community. We are thrilled with how much interest there has been and looking forward to what is to come. We are now shifting focus to development and site improvement. What does this mean for you? While your profile will still be available for you to view and tweak, there will be no new matches until Cycle 2, when we will re-launch the full site and offer new features to our community!

Our future cycles will provide the option to use a volunteer matchmaker, rather than a computer algorithm, to suggest matches. As our community continues to grow, we will also have a bigger database of people and you will receive your matches made by the algorithm instantaneously, with no waiting time between when you fill out your profile and when you receive your match.

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How It Works

  • Step 1

    Answer the questions about yourself and whom you're looking for

    We really value your privacy! The information that you fill out in the questionnaire is used by our algorithm to help find your match. Unless otherwise noted, this information will not be viewable by anyone (except in the future by our voluteer matchmakers) and none of your information will be available to the public. Once you match with someone, they will be able to see your limited profile and the answers to questions clearly marked “visible to match.”

  • Step 2

    The algorithm will find you a match

    The specially programmed matching algorithm will match you with someone. At the moment, our algorithm is not very smart! It cannot understand your paragraph answers or written responses. As we continue to grow and develop our site in future cycles, volunteer matchmakers will be able to view your answers and help you find a perfect match.

  • Step 3

    View and message with your matches

    You will receive 2 matches and be able to view their limited profiles. You may also receive additional matches of people that matched with you! Send them a message on the site and see what comes of it!

  • Step 4

    Tell us if your match worked out

    Was this a good match or not the right fit? Let us know and we'll use your feedback to make you a better match next time.

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