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Yente Over the Rainbow is a matchmaking service for LGBTQIA Jewish people looking for long term relationships. Fill out our form here and our matchmakers will set everyone up. Keep on reading for more details.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Answer the questions about yourself and who you're looking for

    The more you write, the better we can match you.
    All of this will be anonymous. No one except the matchmakers will have access to your answers and even then, your name will be hidden.

  • Step 2

    Matchmakers will find you a match

    A group of volunteer matchmakers will go through each of the profiles and make matches.

  • Step 3

    Login on a date TBD to receive your first match

    The rest is up to you. You will be given an email address or phone number and the blurb about your match that they have chosen to share with you. It's your turn.

  • Step 4

    Tell us if your match worked out

    If your first match doesn't work out, login and let us know and we'll send you your next match in a month. If it does work out, let us know as well because this information will help us make better matches for everyone else.

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